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January 10, 2018

Brand Update

We are so excited to officially launch our new brand and website! It has been a long road as it tends to be for small businesses, because you usually put yourself to the end of the pile-right?! I have spent years doing this, to the point where I think many of you believe KBD wasn’t here anymore. We simply love our clients and are thankful for each one, so it’s important they always feel they are our #1. But now is our time to shine and show you what we can do and how we can help you!

Our sketchbook will be used to show you projects both big and small. Not everything is what designers call ‘portfolio worthy’, but it could still be significant for another client to know/understand that we can help them with a similar project. Some posts could be eye-candy, favorite things, trends, project highlights, etc. Our ultimate goal is to let you know we are here and ready to work on your next project together.

Let’s set up a coffee date today! 

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